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Style: Penny Sage



When investing in our wardrobe we find it makes the most sense to look toward classic, seasonless pieces when possible. Kate Megaw is the designer of Penny Sage, an independent label made in New Zealand who embodies this sentiment. Kate captures the effortless style of dressing we rely on for day to day with ease. Working with natural fabrics such as silks and linens Penny Sage's collections move and let you breath with them. 

Here is a little preview from the AW17 collection, DIVING, with the loveliest imagery from the talented Nastassia Bruckin and beautiful muse Maya Aguayo Schmidt-Feng.


Penny Sage's new AW17 collection, DIVING

| Photographed by Nastassia Bruckin | Styled by Lauren Ardis |  Modeled by Maya Aguayo Schmidt-Feng | Hair and Makeup by Rita Lee Burton |


Style: Winter Knits

Featuring Micaela Greg & Nathalie Schreckenberg


A simple sweater is often the ultimate in winter essentials. A cozy knit made from the softest Italian yarn simplifies your morning. It's a comfort to know you can turn to your trusted Micaela Greg designs on the coldest of days. If you do plan on leaving the house throw on a few timeless pieces from jewelry designer Nathalie Schreckenberg. Her handcrafted line retains a raw and organic feel that adapts comfortably to the body so they feel effortless to wear. To complete your uniform lace up those Lada boots from By Far and head out the door. 


Art Direction & Photography by Local Creative Studio | Model Alexandra Karlsson Knapp | Home goods and accessories complimentary of Home Union


Style: Luz Ortiz 


Heritage often plays an important role in our creative process and the content we produce. Both designers Luz Ortiz and Wolcott : Takemoto reference heritage in their respective collections along with a sense of structure and sensitivity to form. For Luz Ortiz, it’s her tropic upbringing and Wolcott: Takemoto, pull from cultural symbols within their Midwestern and Japanese roots.

We combined these ideas to create yin and yang imagery experimenting with winter whites and shades of cocoa  for a study in tone and contrast that feels grounded in heritage. Our muses Kiara Barnes and Sam Swan twinned in the Swing Drop Earrings by Ortiz complimented by wardrobe from Wolcott : Takemoto FW 16’  that lead to a playful "same but different" mood.




Style: Kathleen Whitaker & Delfina Balda


Through practicing the beauty of restraint freedom can often be found within the developed parameters. This is an idea that jewelry designer Kathleen Whitaker keeps close to heart. Understanding simplicity and exploring it’s tidy space is a skill that takes time and patience to master. Kathleen Whitaker’s designs are rooted in clean lines, geometric shapes and a mastery of strict simplicity that she interprets through her strongly developed perspective.

Kathleen’s minimalist approach to jewelry was well suited to the clean, artful and wearable garments presented in the Delfina Balda FW 16’ collection. A shift in season was present as we explored fall tones in a restored brownstone flat. Florist, writer and model Lisa Przystup was a lovely muse for sharing our vision of 18th century paintings through a present day lens. Modern, refined silhouettes and compositions referencing simplicity were kept in mind as we moved through the seasonal set.


Visit Kathleen Whitaker’s website / insta   |    Visit Delfina Balda’s website / insta

Photography & Art Direction by Local Creative Studio | Hair by Juli Akaneya | Makeup by Liz Schroeder


Style: Petra Von Kant


Petra Von Kant is the protagonist of the classic film by Rainer Werner Fassbinder, with the same name, and appropriately the inspiration for a contemporary collection of vintage curated by Alexes Bowyer and Olivia La Roche. A heroine unabashed in her love for avant- garde couture is rightly a muse for vintage with an editorial sensibility.  The pair’s elevated approach to vintage styling brings life to second hand goods in unexpected ways. Their selections are focused on quality materials, unique silhouettes and imaginative styling. Each piece is recontextualized for the modern eye.

What draws us to Olivia and Alexes’s vision for vintage is their fearless approach to styling. Color, texture and material are always considered, and the duo is consistently bold and experimental in their presentation. As strong, confident women they are not afraid to express themselves through what they are wearing and are constantly breathing new life into each piece they collect.

Alexes and Olivia kindly shared their influences both personal and for Petra Von Kant, the importance of self-care and the one thing they could not live without. The creative spark between these two is real and they have offered thoughtful notes we can all learn from ahead.


If a stranger stumbled across the Petra Von Kant IG today, what’s something they would be surprised to know?

Olivia: That we met in an Art History class in college, and I still remember what Alexes was wearing - A Gold leather skirt and a faux shearling coat that reminded me of a stuffed animal I really loved as a child. Little did she know, I decided right then we were going to know each other for a long time.

Alexes: Ha! I used to call that jacket my “dog bed”.  I remember that we talked about our shared preference for sitting in the front row. Looking back it makes sense that this mentality would lead us to being business partners


What are some cultural touchstones you consider in shaping Petra Von Kant or your personal aesthetic— i.e.: what films, books, artists, places, etc., have been most influential in shaping you?

Olivia: Right now, I’m really inspired by a few films from the mid-late seventies; An Unmarried Woman, Looking for Mr. Goodbar, Love Story. All iconic and urban. I like the muted palette of these films and that "bordering on ugly" thing the 70’s are so known for. I’m also really into documentaries about cults, Japanese designers in the 80’s and Juergen Teller’s almost pornographic food photography. Oh and I'm daydreaming about traveling around Eastern Europe. I spent some time there as a kid, and it's calling me back.

Alexes: Well, I think we are both really captivated by cinema.  Our name is borrowed from a Rainer Werner Fassbinder film, and am definitely inspired and intrigued by the all female landscape he created in “ The Bitter Tears of Petra von Kant.” Personally, I always find myself returning to the films of Pier Paolo Pasolini, Agnes Varda, Michelangelo Antonioni and the art work of Cindy Sherman  plays a major role in my vision of PvK. The time I’ve spent in Morocco has definitely enhanced my understanding of colors and the play between simplicity and detail and all the glamorous and smart Colombian women and men in my  family are a continuous inspiration.


Do you think there is a time of day when you create your best work?

Olivia: We create our best work in several day spurts and often spend 48 -72 hours completely immersed in work. It becomes a lived creative experience. We wake up, have coffee, talk about what needs to be done and then dive in. It’s an amazing process. We spend it quiet and focused, working on the technical or financial side of things and then loud and expressive, working on the creative side. We take breaks, listen to music and chat big picture and long term goals the whole time.

Alexes: We’re both early risers who enjoy a long morning. This is when we catch up and share new ideas and set goals, short and long term. While we both get an early start, we have our fair share of late nights, both in the studio and out in the city! Life is full of inspiration and the best moments are the ones that feel the most serendipitous.


Do you have a personal ritual to share?

Olivia: Totally, we love going to The Baths. I am super diligent about self-care. So much so that it's completely second nature. It doesn't matter how exhausted I am; I always take care of my skin and teeth. Big time flosser over here. Also, I'm really into taking similarly diligent care of my things. I shine my shoes regularly, Brush my coats, Oil my leather goods, clean my makeup brushes... I'm my own valet and lady's maid.

Alexes: We share a ritual of going to the Japanese or Korean spa for a steam and sauna when we want to relax and reflect.  Personally, I have adopted a lot of my mother’s rituals after watching her get ready in the morning. Skincare is essential and I wear sun- protection on my face most days. I often start my morning with a yoga class and find that it always helps me set a more positive mood for the day.

What does beauty mean to you? What captivates your attention?

Olivia: An element of the odd. Imperfection, creativity, resourcefulness. An individual's inner spark.

Alexes: I’m attracted to personality first and foremost. Anything can be beautiful on a good personality. Real beauty tells the truth.

What are some of the most valuable lessons you’ve learned?

Olivia:  When I was a bit younger, I was very focused on knowing things, accruing information and building my repertoire to contribute to conversations and work scenarios. It was very external and in many ways stressful. I felt I had to be everywhere, know everyone and always be "on." I needed to do that, to educate myself and build expertise, engage in the community. Now, I'm much more focused on the concept of editing, and it's equal ability to create good work. I think less about when to speak more about when to listen. When to pull an item from our collection, what events I don't need to attend... less really can be more.

Alexes: There are so many valuable lessons to learn in life! Among the lessons I reflect on are first to go with your instincts. Tune into yourself and the world around you and stay true to the things that feed you. Be kind to others and be kind to yourself.

One thing you could not live without?

Olivia: Moisturizer.

Alexes: The car stereo.

Ultimate style icons.

Olivia: Marie Antoinette, Joan Didion, Lucia Berlin, Edina Monsoon, Nina Simone, the entire cast of "Are You Being Served."

Alexes: David Bowie, Jane Birkin, Bianca Jagger, Vivienne Westwood, Patti Smith and Monica Vitti.

visit their website | Instagram


Style: Rachel Comey


As a designer Rachel Comey is on a frequency vibrating above the rest. Her eye for style is on the ground from a place where real work is done. She knows women and their needs when dressing. Always coming from a place of practicality, her clothes are wearable while her collections never lose the curiosity and joy of getting dressed.

With a more realistic portrayal of a modern day muse Comey is innovative in her delivery and presentation. Moving away from seasonal concepts, she favors individual pieces and a masterful hand in textile, color and design. Vibrant hot pink leather pants, rainbow dresses of your dreams, garments that drape and look like a coveted art piece are just the beginning of the FW16’ collection. Paired with a Quarry x Rachel Comey jewelry collaboration and our friend Olivia La Roche as model, we have the foundation for a visually, compelling narrative to take us through the world of Rachel Comey.

Based on the idea of a modern Helen Frankenthaler painting we created a whimsical world inside a historic garden. By underscoring color and key attributes of the fall collection we developed an artful painterly feel that withstands time.


Art Direction & Video Editing by Nicole Steriovski | Photography & Videography by Jenna Saraco | Styling by Ali Breslin | HMU by Juliet Jane |
Model Olivia LaRoche | Video sound by  | Production assistant Sinat giwa


Style: Tuza 


Theres a stillness between August and September that brings forth a gentle reminder of changing seasons. A subtle crispness in the air hints that the days of summer are limited. Fort Tilden beach is exceptionally beautiful in this suspended moment in time. The sun shines to illuminate the waters and entice us for one last swim. Soft afternoon light assists in the unfolding of a scene for some photo magic.

We made use of the beautiful weather and scenic surroundings to shoot some of our favorite recent vintage finds along with the lovely Hoop Earrings and cult favorite Vagina Charm Necklace from jewelry brand Tuza. Tuza is a jewelry line hand made in New York City and Mexico City. Designer Suzzan Atala is meticulous in capturing the bold, elegant and timeless nature of an empowered women in her work. Hoops are a year round staple and Tuza's are the best. We love the cheeky Virgin Mary esque pendant which is a glowing statement on being female. 


Style: OAD New York


Doing more with less is a vision not far from our own. New York based, OAD’s minimalist attitude combined with some serious heart in function and a classic palette with unexpected pops of color has quickly raised our expectations of a handbag. Designer Syndey Suh-Lee has a deep appreciation and love of clean lines, geometric shapes and goods made for utility. These are qualities ideal for a handbag, a companion in your everyday. An object you expect to please aesthetically but also perform reliably on both good days and bad. With a love of shapes, clean lines and closet foundations ourselves our attraction to OAD handbags was undeniable.

For our editorial, a very Italian neighboring community inspired us to present the thoughtful attention to structure and versatile detail that lives within an OAD bag. Through subtle pops of Neopolitan-esque color (think end of summer ice cream cones) we paired some of our most loved exteriors to compliment the shape and shades of the handsome fall collection.

Muse and friend Emily graciously strutted around the streets around Graham Avenue in Williamsburg  to show us the way to carry a beautiful bag in vintage pieces hand picked and co-styled by Mirth Vintage.


Production / Art Direction Nicole Steriovski of Local Creative | Photography Jenna Saraco of Local Creative  | HMU Local Creative |  Model  Emily

Video: Direction / Editing Nicole Steriovski of Local Creative | Director of Photography Jenna Saraco of Local Creative |  Music / Drum and Lace



Style: Sculpture & Pose

Elizabeth suzann + Merina Kim Ceramics + Arc Objects


Inspired by the understanding and compassion that comes with learning to love ourselves, we are absorbing all the the forms that beauty presents itself in a woman. Through the subtle nuances in shape, tone and figure of the human body as our muse and objects people learn to love comes a beautiful study between sculpture and pose.

A label born out of a dislike for excess, and desire for quality we are constantly mesmerized by the practicality, elegance, comfort and attention to detail that is poured into each garment at the studio of Nashville designer Elizabeth SuzannMirena Kim’s hand built modern ceramics were a natural addition to our vision. With a sincere commitment to her craft after leaving a career in graphic design. Who could argue with her theory that each of her piece’s should be useful even in a purely visual way. Arc is a collection of metal and ceramic jewelry and objects that bridges ideas of functionality and art. We love the complex nature of these pieces and the commitment to seasonal, heirloom work.

Objects sculpted by skilled hands are cherished long beyond their expiration date. Time and again we are drawn to creators who understand where ideas of classic, and honest composition meet artists who are true to themselves and their craft.


Models Alyssa Neilson and Danielle Alprin / Hair Juli Akaneya / Makeup Liz Schroeder / Stylist Danielle Alprin
Production, Photography, Art Direction Nicole Steriovski & Jenna Saraco of  Local Creative

Eliz Suzann-789.jpg

Style: Black Crane


After a visit to Jana Blankenship’s contemporary New Paltz home, whose interiors are outfitted in a handsome Douglus Fir, you might agree that this is what you call a ‘forever home.’ With space, lines and form you wish you thought of yourself this architectural dream house has exposed beams you spend years planning. Details such as divine light pouring from the floor to ceiling windows and a sprawling countryside landscape leave you feeling nourished from the inside out and serve as constant reminders you are surrounded by nature.

A home where you decide to plant your roots deserves a wardrobe of equal love and purpose. Designer Momoko Suzuki and her husband Alexander Yamaguchi have constructed the response of ‘forever clothing’.  Their collection of silhouettes complements supple lines of the body and make comfort a priority, all while keeping in mind a minimalist approach to dressing. Deeply grounded in their Japanese roots, the pair are influenced by each other and their interest in culture, environmental art and architecture. They tend to coherently infuse simple, ancient ideals into a modern, accessible form of dressing that is a bit edgy and full of character. Breathable, timeless and eco-conscious Black Crane is a brand synonymous with easy, effortless dressing that gives you room to unwind throughout your day.


We shot a selection of SS16 Black Crane pieces that fell seamlessly in line with the environment of Jana’s residence to study the idea of an uncomplicated lifestyle where design and home meet.  The garments are made to be well lived-in, and worn with love similar to the way the New Paltz home serves for the young family.

Our friend Sabrina Tamar served as the ultimate muse in our study with extensive experience as a writer, gallerist and long-time supporter of Black Crane.

Special Thank you to another incredible group of women on this shoot. Hair  Juli Akaneya  /  Make-Up Rose Letho / Stylist Lauren Moetell & Danielle Alprin / Location courtsey of Jana Blankenship (yes of the natural skincare line Captain Blankenship) / Art Direction & Photography Local Creative

Video: Sound Design Brad Hurst / Director of Photography, Editing, Direction Local Creative



Uniform: Edit #6

Palatines + Mirth Vintage


Unexpected touches of beauty surround us even in those most urban of settings. Inspired by our environment in this concrete jungle we decidedly needed a shoe that can keep up with us through the warmer months ahead. Shoes that only get better with time, we were captured by the ethos, quality and comfort, designer Jessica Taft Langdon creates with her collection The Palatines. We were particularly taken by the Caelum Minimal Leather Slide and Cognito Slide Slipper. Both effortless, bring a casual sophistication to your everyday. These two style are definitely a uniform essential if you ask us.


Wardrobe provided mostly by Mirth Vintage, a local boutique with hand-selected vintage that is our source for wardrobe staples year round. Jenna is wearing the Caelum Minimal Leather Slide, Off The Shoulder Blouse by Zara and Powder Blue Trousers from Mirth Vintage. Nicole is wearing the Cognito Slide Slipper, Linen Button Down and Raw Silk Skirt from Mirth Vintage.







Uniform: Edit #5

Anaak Collection


When planning for beach travel we believe in the less is more philosophy. Our carry-on’s could be delicately equipped with a couple gauzy, idyllic pieces from Anaak and we would be in paradise.

The line is inspired by the ease and approachability of bohème dressing. Founder and designer, Marissa Maximo has artfully mastered presenting relaxed pieces that are key for travel yet simple enough to incorporate into everyday wear. The clean, beautifully feminine pieces are made in the most ethical way. Marissa travels to India, Bolivia and beyond to develop lasting partnerships with local artisans who preserve ancient textile techniques.

For our escape to Tulum we turned to Anaak to outfit us for wandering days at the unbridled sea. 



Jenna is wearing the Maithili Flutter Dress and Uma Fringe Sarong. Nicole is wearing the Uma Tank Dress and Lou Lou Salwar Pants. 
Shoes, Ogden by Charlotte Stone.


Style: Rhoi


The kaftan may be the single most important carry-on for a Caribbean Sea escape. Rhoi, a collection we recently discovered, is founded on the unstructured ease of the kaftan and elevated to an elegant and romantic minimalism, which can be easily observed throughout this new ready-to-wear line.

Slips, culottes, pretty florals and silky tees, these are garments of substance with an ideal weight to achieve the perfect cascade of billowing fabric. With a little help from the wind and the natural lush, greenery of the beaches of Tulum, we were able to capture the essence of the kaftan -a mighty player in packing for a sandy escape.


Visit Rhoi’s website // Insta


Style: Datura


Designed in New York and made in Barcelona, Datura caught our attention with their luxe fabrics and everyday appeal. With an emphasis on a slowed down approach to fashion, designer Stefania Borras uses only the best natural fiber silk and cottons. The feel of her high quality textiles alone will make you re-think your closet essentials around her line.

Through these signature pieces Datura explores the connection between the natural world and an urban lifestyle. A wardrobe staple that can take us through holidays, ocean escapes, easy Saturdays and the office is rare to find, but Stefania might have discovered the formula.

For spring the pairings of blush tones and just the right shade of red inspired our shoot for a day in the West Village. After years of casually living in this bustling city, we hoped to capture a chic day of playing dress up with Datura. In between shots Jenna's Russian Red Silk Anna looked stellar with her leather jacket and all-white Nike sneaks. Nicole's Blushed Silk Judo Pants easily pair with an oversized White Linen Ren Button Down and a pair of Converse. We love a collection that can take us through the day and Datura is just that.

Special thanks to Charlotte Stone for shoes to conquer those beautiful cobblestone streets. Jenna is wearing the Samia in Flame and Nicole is in the Morley in Sand.


Visit Datura's Website / Insta

Photographs by Jenna Saraco & Nicole Steriovski / Words by Nicole Steriovski


Special thank you to Photo/Film/Drive for this beautiful 1964 Sunbeam.




A banana t-shirt, embroidery and some lace goes a long way for desert shoot. Creamy tones of sand, tobacco and blush marry seamlessly amongst the sun drenched boulders of Joshua Tree State Park, the location of our shoot with Danish fashion brand Ganni. The dusty greens of the Joshua Trees and quiet blue skies played gracious hosts to our day of play at the park. Bringing together texture, a neutral palette and the wonder of the natural world, the beauty of Joshua Tree complimented our gorgeous Ganni pieces without much effort. Follow us as we spend a morning at our dream home to a play day in the electric desert sun.



Uniform: Edit #4

Coclico + AYR


Winter in New York, one that until a few weeks ago has been unusually (and pleasantly) mild, has taken a turn for the worst.  It's time to turn to those essential pieces that are going to keep you warm and looking good from day to night, and back again. Coclico shoes speak to a personal identity that extends beyond style, to a way of living. With materials sourced locally in Europe they seek the highest standards of ethical and environmental responsibility in each design. These AYR coats are that everyday high quality and low maintenance staple you reach for again and again. Read on for Jenna and Nicole's Picks.



The Stockholm Coat / I love the long lines of this coat, and the shape is perfect with just about all my jeans and boots (especially these, see below). This cashmere blend is not only super soft to the touch, but it keeps me warm in this colder weather, and feels light and effortless in more mild temps. Come spring I'm not going to want to part with this one.

Whit Bootie / These boots are my essential day to night. The slim shape are seamless and sleek,  and the perfect heel give me just the right amount of height to get through whatever the day might bring. I love that I can dress them up with a skirt or a dress or wear them casually with a pair of jeans. 



The Heldon Coat / I love the tailored structure of this coat. It's smart, but simple and super versatile. I can wear it absolutely everywhere. The wool/cashmere blend keeps me warm, and looking sharp whether I'm out to dinner or on my way to work.

Zag Bootie / Loving the Zag Booties from Coclico. They go with just about everything I own, and are comfortable enough to wear everyday. The heel has a bit of height that add a little extra elegance. The spanish leather is soft but durable, and the elastic make these easy to slip on as I'm running out the door. My other boots are jealous to say the least. 





Brooklyn Designers


There’s a lot of amazing women doing amazing things around the world, but there’s a serious concentration of talent in Brooklyn right now. In celebration of Garmentory's Brooklyn Babes Sale, we teamed up with them to showcase some of our favorite styles.  

Keep reading to find out more about Nicole's cozy look from Kordal, and Jenna's two tone denim by Carleen– as well as some of our must have pieces from Garmentory's Brooklyn designers. 


Nicole's Picks:


Kordal Ada Dress Paired my Kordal Ada Dress with my new pair of vintage denim and everyday black Coclico booties for a cozy winter weekend look. Everyone needs a long sweater dress for when the temperatures drop. 

Reinhard Plank Cuffia Hat  This beanie is the softest.  The classic shapes make it a go to for winter essentials but the angora makes it irresistible to look at and touch.

Rhoi Clover Culotte Can’t get enough of culottes! Just discovered Rhoi through Garmentory and I love how all the pieces work together in this collection. It’s all so easily wearable.

CF Goldman Oversized Sweater The oversized sweater is also another staple winter piece. The kimono inspired sleeves and cropped cut looks great with the Clover Culottes or a pair of your favorite denim for a more casual feel. Great slouchy mock neck! 

Rhoi Faye Slip Dress Slip dresses make me feel so graceful and light. They also make for perfect winter layering pieces, I like to have fun with slips under long sweaters, cardigans and over a pair of pants with a wider leg.

Super Oracle Gals Sunglasses The transparent coloring on these are so fun. I choose them because they can polish almost any look, they seem super versatile.

Still House Kasi Choker Silver jewelry is starting to catch my eye. I feel like you can’t go wrong with this simple silver Still House Kasi Choker, wear it everyday and it would look so pretty along a collarbone or neckline.

Assembly Rib Turtleneck  Because I LOVE turtlenecks, also really into ribbed turtlenecks at the momemt. The thicker collar also appeals to me for winter but I still like how it looks soft and manageable.

Just Female Jackson Coat If there is anything I love more than a turtleneck it’s a camel coat. This menswear inspired piece by Just Female would look great as an outer shell to my winter wardrobe. You need a great coat because that’s all people see when it’s cold.


Jenna's Picks 


Kordal Helen Cardigan - Love the contrast of color, and texture on this Kordal Knit. Who doesn’t need a little fringe in their life?

Kordal Seed Stitch Hat - I’m always freezing my butt off, so this perfect knitted hat is my go to for staying warm. Love the creamy color to go with all your coats and scarfs and sweaters!

Plante Marina Tee - Because plants make people happy. #thesill

Carleen Two-Tone Jeans - I live in denim, and love white tees. These two tone jeans from Carleen make an everyday basic a little more fun, and add a little something special to my everyday uniform. 

Stillhouse Iba Necklace - I’ve been looking high and low for a necklace just like this one. I love how delicate the chain and stones are. It’s minimal and elegant, love it!

YMC Japanese Denim - I have a denim obsession, and shoes, but that’s another thing. These are a great mix of fashion and function with a utilitarian feel.

Rhoi Blake Shirtdress - This color is spot on, and the ease and elegance of this shape is what really drew me in. I love the braided detail, and back pleat to emphasize how special this piece is.

Rhoi Reagan Dress - Can’t you just imagine yourself floating about the house in this? It’s the kind of piece I’ll wear again and again, a day or night time uniform.

Samantha Pleet Pearl Blouse - My blush crush is still alive and strong, and I can’t help but adore this little number, by the one and only Samantha Pleet.





Uniform: Edit #3


From our first glance at Are Studios meticulously curated Instagram, we were hooked by the combination of her soft, feminine images and the feelings they evoked about her bags and leather goods.

At their arrival our new Are Studio selects were just as supple and pleasing to touch as we had hoped! Constructed from the most delightfully smooth cow leather, these minimal bags are perfect for everyday use. Designer Cecilia Bordarampé produces her beautiful pieces in Los Angeles and uses overstock and deadstock hides for production, which makes every bag unique and with character. These bags are truly an essential for your uniform.


Get Nicole's Look

Sand Barrel Bag // The perfect neutral shade of sand initial drew me to this bag. The shape is ideal for my day and day as it serves as a middle between a tote and drawstring. My notebooks, wallet, make-up and extra things I collect through the day fit nicely in this useful tote! Best part of all, is the detachable looped key lanyard which has become my savior on busy days.


Get Jenna's Look

Nude Arc Bag // I was instantly attracted to this bag. The color, a beautiful nude, the shape felt simple and refined. It feels like your carrying around a little piece of artwork, a blank canvas to fill with each days essentials.



Uniform: Edit #2


When it comes to essentials Piece is a collection that understands the concept of a style uniform. We first noticed Piece after learning their Everthing Pant had heat-sealed secret back pockets at their debut presentation. Yoga style pants never looked so good and practical! After delving deeper into the 9-piece collection, we realized how easily the clothing transitioned and the pieces are perfect for travel! The luxe-blush bomber is effortless as a winter layer and the classic Navy-inspired wool coat looks great over anything in our closets.

Get Nicole's Look / 

Luxe - Blush Bomber // The super-soft quilted jacket is perfect for this crazy weather. Light and warm, the bomber is sophisticated on it’s own as outerwear. If you are looking for extra layer of heat wear it under your winter coat, it’s almost like taking your comforter off the bed and into your day.

Everything Pant // These pants are everything, try not to wear them everyday as your uniform. The back pockets make the style so functional and easy to wear. I love the high-waisted fit and smooth fabric for a polished day to night look.


Get Jenna's Look /

Everything Pant // Thoughtfully designed with the busy multitasking kinda girl in mind. Give me the comfort of a legging and efficiency of a pant and I am set. I can where these everywhere with almost everything and I never want to take them off. Also, pockets!

Coat // It's easy to love this simple paired-down peacoat. It's an no brainer, everyday essential, and one less decision to make on what to wear when you're a little late (always!) and running out the door in the morning.




Local Creative x Eileen Fisher 

The Becoming Lab


Milliner: Brookes Boswell



With beach days and sunshine gloriously upon us, it’s the best kind of weather to treat yourself to a custom fit hat.  Brookes Boswell is just your gal.  She specializes in made-to-measure pieces or if you prefer vintage she can give an old hat a second adventure.

An afternoon spent at Brookes’ Brooklyn studio is an inspiring look into the world of millinery.  The garden level is the loveliest entrance filled with hat blocks, plants and vintage tools.  If getting a custom hat in a gorgeous Brooklyn garden isn’t enough, her loveable dog, Bao, will greet you with a snuggle (if you’re lucky).  Since the weather was nice we had our meeting outside in her delightful courtyard (we highly recommend this experience when investing in a specialty hat). Distance is not a factor when it comes to inquiries and appointments, Brookes will happily answer your questions with just as much passion as if she’d shared an afternoon with you. Once you receive your hat, it’s impossible to ignore the fine details that make it one of a kind.  You can truly feel the love her hands put into making these gems of the millinery world.

We had the pleasure of chatting with Brookes in her intimate studio and home.  Read on for her thoughts on hat style, how she discovered millinery and her favorite thing to do in her time off.


When did you master the skill of millinery?

I started working with a milliner in Manhattan in 2009. It was supposed to be just for fun, she offered to teach me to make a hat and I took her up on that offer because I was unemployed. It was the recession and there just weren’t any jobs out there, which meant that I just spent more time hanging out in her studio and helping to design and make hats. Eventually it just seemed obvious, to me anyway, that I should pursue starting my own millinery label. I worked with Kelly Christy hats for about a year, then spent 2 years on my own collecting my tools, making hats for friends, designing my first collections, and then working with photographers and graphic designers to get my first lookbook and website ready for the launch, in 2012. It was a totally fun and inspiring time, but a lot of work!


So lovely to finally enjoy warm weather.  How do hot, sweaty summers and freezing, frost filled winters affect your hat making?

Well, the felt hats need to be steamed and the straw hats just soaked in water, and I’m always making hats for an upcoming season. So while working with wet straw isn’t so bad in winter, steaming felts in the hot summer can be unpleasant. I just keep the back door and windows open and occasionally resort to the air conditioner!


Share with us your everyday routine, a bit from a day in the life of Brookes Boswell.

I have a workspace in my apartment, which is a love/hate relationship. I love being able to wake up and get right to work with my mug of coffee, there’s no commute and I regularly take part in 3 pm youtube yoga. I hang out with my dog Bao, a Golden Retriever/Great Pyrenees mix. I basically spend all of my day going back and forth between my computer and my workbench. That said, I am starting to get the itch for a studio space that is separate from my living space, and maybe something that is shared so I don’t just talk to Bao all day… haha.


There is a strong design aesthetic to your work, what are some museums or artist who inspire you?

I love the Met. It’s huge, so you can see something new every time you, and it has an amazing collection of art and objects of material culture, which I find inspiring for my work.


Making can uproot some strong childhood memories, do you have any influences from your youth and upbringing?

I grew up in the midwest, in literally the middle of the country. A place without accents and whose pioneer and farming culture already felt long faded. I have an amazingly creative and entrepreneurial family that have always been supportive of me. My mother is a talented amateur artist, my step-father is a professional furniture builder and wood worker, my brother is an amazing graphic designer. We all stay very busy.


Your go to for a sweet treat.

Depends on what time it is! I love to hide away in Chinatown for an hour for a foot massage if I’m in Manhattan. After work there’s nothing more perfect than a cocktail at a fancy bar with my besties and on the weekends my boyfriend and I walk our sweet pup for an ice cream.


Music can be very soothing for the creative process, what are you listening to now?

I just discovered the “hauntingly beautiful” songza station and right now I’m rocking the Steely Dan pandora station. Mellow is what I work best to in the morning and I’m a downright NPR junkie in the afternoon.


Does the local community play a part in your business?

As a designer I love the visual stimulation of instagram. It’s really helped me develop a community of like minded folks. I use tumblr and pinterest as well, but instagram is my favorite. @brookesboswell


When traveling what is your hat of choice?

Always an Optimo! Straw or felt, it rolls up and always fits in my luggage :)


Any exciting new projects to share?

I’ve been working with my friend Tracy Thomason on a limited edition set of hand painted straws. I only have 4 available, and they’re beautiful. You can check them out on my website!


Brookes Boswell // insta @brookesboswell // tumblr Brookes Boswell Millinery


Photos by Nat Chitwood


Uniform: Edit #1


“What should I wear today?” is a question we either dread or embrace with open arms (depending on the day and what’s new in our closet). Dressing doesn’t have to be a hassle when you have a few key pieces you can always rely on. Call them essentials, we call them our uniform (cuz that’s what it’s called when you wear the same thing 3 days in a row). We’ve begun a new style series called Uniform where we’ll share where we shop, independent designers we are crushing on, and brands we can’t live without. In this first edition of Uniform we found some new digs via Nanushka,  Garmentory,  Kordal Knits,  AYR and Vagabond.


Get Nicole's Look /

Mirmir - Teddy Cardigan // I’m really into playful textures and soft sweaters for this winter. Cardigans are always a great layering piece so I’m happy to stay wrapped up in this Nanushka beauty all winter. (Don’t be surprised if you catch me wearing it as a robe in the morning)

The Hi-Rise Wide Leg //  Totally loving the flared, wide leg 70’s look and I’m going all in with these Zodiac Wash Wide Legs from AYR. They just give you instant attitude, add some oversize granny shades and bask in the retro glory that is yours.

Turtle Neck / Squared Toed Boots // Vintage, from Indiana. Gotta love going home for the holidays.


Get Jenna's Look /

The Rita Sweater // I’m all about the basics. Give me a white tee, blue jeans and I’m pretty much set. So this easy, creamy white sweater from Garmentory’s #nofilterseries is the perfect staple for winters here in New York.

Ake Mini Skater Skirt // I’m always super skeptical of wearing skirts in the colder months, mostly because I’m always freezing my butt off (no matter the temperature or the season!) but this super soft wool skirt from Nanushka is warm and comforting, like a little blanket you can tote around your waist.

Emira High Chelsea Boot // It was time to replace my chelsea boots this year, and these have been good to be since day one.Love the sleek pointed toe, and higher boot shaft. These are seriously perfect with anything I throw on, from an easy cropped flare or dressed up with a skirt ;) #overandout



Camp Cove Swim


While browsing for swimwear to sport this summer we discovered a Sydney based collection called Camp Cove. We instantly connected with the line’s retro, exclusive in-house designed prints and undeniably alluring ‘cheeky cuts’ (If you got it flaunt it, amirite?!).

Designer and founder Kathryn Hampton, just gets summer.  The nostalgia of swimming at your neighbor’s pool, spending weekends as the best kind of beach bum and unforgettable summers at the lake.  Any way you choose to unwind Kathryn has a suit for you.  The cuts of her suits are exceptional and make you feel like a glowing water goddess.  You wouldn’t believe the flood of compliments that roll in anywhere we go in this babies.

The best part of Camp Cove is you can tell this babes kini’s are a labor of love, we want you to feel the love too.  On our beach adventure in Montauk we were lucky enough to shoot a few of our favorite pieces.  

Keep reading to learn how Kathryn found her way to swimsuit paradise and developed her laid back (and hot!) brand of beach style that keeps us coming back for more.


Studio Location

Redfern, Sydney, Australia


Take us through a day in the life of a swimwear designer.

Every day is so different but the one thing that stays the same is coffee. I’m really lucky to have a great little café called ‘The Shortlist’ literally a 1 minute walk from my workspace so I usually pop over there and say g’day and then get stuck with some emails. After emails we might have a chat with our machinist, check on any fabric orders or printing that we have underway, sort out any details of upcoming shoots. I always try and spend half an hour or so on pinterest, tumblr, instagram just to keep up to date and to get inspired.

Depending on whether we are working on a new range or not I could be working on print designs, pattern-making styles or dreaming up a concept for the next campaign shoot. I pack all the orders that are placed through our web-store so that’s usually an hour or two a day and then a trip to the post office to dispatch any international orders. I see the ladies that work there more than I see my own family! In summer the day might end with a cheeky trip to the beach. Sample testing you know!


Ultimate beach holiday

Camping somewhere on the east coast of Australia. Plenty of beer, walking distance to the beach, surfing, snorkeling, watermelon, mango, a big beach umbrella, swims first thing in the morning and last thing in the afternoon with all the people I love. That’s the dream!


The retro feel to your prints is the best! Do you work with an artist to create the designs?

Oh thank you! We actually design all our prints in-house. My partner Lucas is a really talented illustrator and with the help of my best mate Youtube I have been lucky enough to be able to teach myself how to put together the things I dream up in my head. I don’t really have any formal training in print design but I almost feel that is a blessing as I don’t have any limitations on what I think I can do. Print and colour is the second most important feature of swimsuit (after a killer fit). I can spend hours and hours looking at vintage swimsuits on etsy or ebay and the prints are just insane! You’ve also got to think that they didn’t have computers back then to whip everything up on so I have a lot of respect for print designers back in the day. Since prints have gone digital I feel they have lost a bit of soul.

Being an Australian brand I have run bit of an ‘Australiana’ theme to a few of our designs with one featuring hand illustrated Australian flowers and another Australian shells. I have a few artists in mind though that we would love to collaborate with eventually but for now I have too many ideas in my head!


Your collections are the cheekiest, love that the cuts show just enough bum at the beach. Which ladies have some of your favorite behinds?

I am a tragic Beyonce fan. Her bum is the bum I’d love to get my hands on the most. She has been a hard-working pioneer of the booty appreciation movement. A standout was the 2001 release of ‘Bootylicious’ with Destiny’s Child.  I am also a big fan of Jessie Andrews as a style icon and someone who is super confident in her own skin, so that booty is on the wishlist as well.

Celebrities aside I bow down to any lady that has the guts to don a cheeky swimsuit. Bums are so great and anyone that wants to show me theirs is a legend in my eyes!


3 words to describe the Camp Cove gal.

Confident, unique, nostalgic

How did you find your way to swimwear?

I grew up around the beach and we had a pool in our backyard. I used to swim competitively as well and my Mum would sew my up glittery swimsuits that would be the envy of all my friends. I would go through four or five swimsuits a year so over time I grew to have a pretty good understanding of the fabrics used, how to care for them and what was missing from the market. I went on to study fashion and garment production and I was putting together bikinis at every opportunity. After working in retail and in the buying department for an Australian accessories brand I began to realize that the bikinis I liked and made were something nobody else was doing. So I went for it and here we are!


Best piece of advice for cultivating envy worthy beach style.

Looking cool whilst being practical at the same time. You might have the best bikini in the world but if you can’t swim in it or it doesn’t fit right you won’t be confident when wearing it. Figure out what bits of your body you like and which ones you don’t and do your best to flaunt what you want to. The hottest girl on the beach is the one that oozes confidence and is comfortable and having a rad time. Everyone wonders what she knows that everyone else doesn’t!


Visit Camp Cove website // insta