Local Creative: Sissy Sainte Marie


To define style can feel subjective in a sea of options. One’s personal style can be crafted through experience, notes, and trial and error. Sometimes it might be an intuitive feeling that helps you find yourself in what you wear. Often we develop style from those we admire from afar.

Sissy Sainte Marie is an Los Angeles based stylist who has captivated our attention with her precision to detail, elegant composition and subtle quirk that keeps us on our toes. She diligently studies collection after collection to somehow craft a look that can always read signature Sissy. Her direction and eye for color, movement and shape is constantly a source of inspiration.

There is a simplicity to the way she dresses but it should not be understated for simple. Each garment lives implicitly in its considered place. Touches of sophistication are not without a playful mark as Sissy proves she is serious as a stylist but light and approachable as well

Viewing Sissy’s new work is always a high point of our week. We wanted to share with you a peek into the ritual and routine that drives her creatively. The new year is approaching and you do not want to miss Sissy’s suggestions for rejuvenation.


What captivates your attention?

Good design, intelligent humor, delicious food

Who are some of your favorite media creators, photographers and artists?

Karim Sadli, Zoe Ghertner, Lotta Volkova,  Penny Martin’s The Gentlewoman, Simon Porte, Phoebe Philo, The Row, Christophe Lemaire and Sara Linh-Tran , Louise Bourgioise

Do you have a personal ritual to share?

My favorite rituals are waking up to coffee in bed with my husband, HIIT workouts first thing in the morning, listening to This American Life while cooking a meal, listening to Audible on headphones while getting a gel mani/pedi, and doing the archived New York Times crossword puzzle app while half watching TV. Seems like most of my rituals involve multitasking.

In what ways have you become the woman you’ve always wanted to be, in what ways are you still improving?

I care less about trying to please everyone else these days. I’m more OK with myself as I am now than I've ever been before. I’m more tidy and disciplined than I’ve ever been, but not 100%. I still need to work on my impulse control and I think I rely on my husband too much. I’m underdeveloped in maintaining adult life stuff like managing finances, negotiating with people, saving money, getting oil changes and what not. I could not imagine riding the NYC subway system on my own. The maps look like spaghetti to me.


What do you make for dinner with friends?

Paella and Pimm’s cups.

Periods of feeling uninspired can be difficult. What do you do to feel rejuvenated during periods of creative stagnancy?  

Let myself off the hook, try to relax, cook, exercise, go for drives, do nothing and be okay with it, wait patiently knowing the work and the inspiration will eventually return.

Describe a turning point in your career.

When I decided to start focusing on doing more commercial work. I realized I would never get the editorial, campaign or runway opportunities stylists in NYC, Paris and London get and I would never have the career of my idols. I could only make the most of what was available to me within my reach. I’m selective about which projects I take on, but not unrealistic about my limits.

What are you passionate about outside of styling?

Living my life on my own terms. Forging my own path. My marriage. My health. My home. Good meals. Sleep.


A few thoughts on travel.

Honestly I love my home life so much, I don't hunger for travel . My husband loves to experience new places and always wants to take me on trips.  I feel terrible about it.   What's wrong with me? I think I'm missing the wanderlust chip.

The best place you’ve been this year.

Las Brisas resort in Acapulco for my 10-year wedding anniversary.

A dream destination on your “to visit” list.

I want to go back to Acapulco and this time I want a tour of Lautner’s Arango house. I also want to take a roadtrip or train across America. See all of the National Parks.  

The next trip you have planned:

Nothing planned at the moment , but there are talks of a trip back to Copenhagen and Berlin.  And Mexico City.

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Photography by Eddie Chacon