Bon Appetit x Ralph Lauren Paint

The Perfect Palate


Storytelling is a word that often strikes a very verbal connotation. The reality is storytelling has grown to stretch a span of mediums. Once a topic that was limited to text is now open to visual exploration through photography and video. As storytellers we often immerse ourselves into the life of our subjects. See the world as they do for a moment.


Last week we were thrilled to host a select group of creatives at the Bon Appétit Test Kitchen at One World Trade experience their versions of the “Perfect Palate” story.  “The Perfect Palate” was an exciting collaboration between Local Creative, Bon Appétit and Ralph Lauren Paint where we found ourselves in the position to ask a group we greatly admire to share their creative visions with us.  


Our first instinct when studying Ralph Lauren’s luxe and classic paint offerings was to pull together seasonal monochromatic vignettes inspired by the gorgeous colorings. Pasha Pink, Istanbul and Chamois made an delicous foundation for layering dishes such as burnt orange and fennel shrimp, mini sweet potato and ginger soups and a simple pear toast. Props according to color were available for guests to experiment, style and photograph in a way that was natural to them. Taylor Patterson of Fox Fodder Farm effortlessly matched our color palette with awe-inspiring florals that perfectly complimented the selected paints.


Through this gathering we were able to observe how each creative interacts with our proposed tools to masterfully get just the right shot. It all comes down to perspective with the play of color, food, florals and photography. Even though each guest had access to the same materials, the photos revealed later on Instagram were so unique to each gifted individual. This may very obviously be what’s so addicting about social media, a peek of the world through the lens of another. We were incredibly lucky to share the afternoon with such a brilliant group and get a behind the scenes of creating “The Perfect Palate.”


Ralph Lauren paints is available at Home Depot.