Vita & Lucy | Café Forgot


Lucy & Vita are two friends changing the idea of how we shop. With their joined creative retail endeavor Café Forget they remind us that trying on clothes is firstly and maybe most importantly meant to be fun. Their unique curation of friends and artists aspires to nurture the careers of young designers at the crossroads of couture, craft and fine art. Through Café Forgot's cultivated lens we see clothes as an expression of self versus what we are sold to believe of how we should look. 

This duo has created one of the most inspiring online and pop-up experiences we've seen so far working with featured designers Sophie Andes-Gascon, HELENAMANZANO, KAHLE and Marland Backus to name a few. We can't wait to visit them at Mirth Vintage in Bed-Stuy for their holiday
pop-up this Dec. 1-11th. See you at the opening party this Friday December 1st from 4-8pm


Cafe Forgot x Mirth Vintage
257A Malcolm X BLVD

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Vita & Lucy of Café Forgot