Local Creative: Laura Schoorl


The intimate world of our peers can often feel inviting through captured imagery that defines their collections. An artist and designer who has captivated our attention with her vision on ethical, goods with purpose is Bay area resident Laura Schoorl. Building not one but two businesses through her love of textiles, comfort and ease, designer Laura Schoorl is improving our wardrobe while keeping grounded values in mind. She is the co - founder of Pansy, a coveted organic underwear line with a palette of vibrant colors inspired by fruits, flora and other gifts from nature. In addition to Pansy, Laura has a namesake clothing, and leather slides collection that completes her dreamy, idealist lifestyle that she easily encourages all to join.

Scenes from Laura’s world include backyards, sofas, beds, farms, beaches, and meadows. These places might be familiar to all of us, but it’s her unique perspective that lends  itself to an ease that makes Pansy and her collection so accessible. She keeps in mind that not every two bodies are the same and makes it a priority for her pieces to feel inclusive. Laura has found a balance between keeping an authenticity with her photos in conveying a women she is attracted to and connects with but also photographing a wide gamet of women who feel joy in her garments.

We are grateful for the products, imagery and community Laura has created through her projects. Below she has shared with us how she discovered her calling as a designer and the source of inspiration for her work.


How did you find your way to calling to be a designer?

I fell into it in a way. I was bored and wanted to start making things so I started taking classes and experimenting in different mediums and realized I have lots of ideas.

The imagery you produce to present your work is a constant source of inspiration for us. Do you ever find inspiration in unusual places?

Thank you! I try to live a simple life and my images are snapshots of that life—the food I eat and the places I visit. I am very drawn to agriculture and the natural world.


What are some cultural touchstones you consider a part of who you are today — i.e.: what films, books, artists, places, etc., have been most influential to you?

Agnès Varda is very influential; the films she made in LA in the late sixties have always stuck with me, especially LIONS LOVE. I love fairy and folk tales. I could read those forever. Clarice Lispector and Octavia Butler are two of my favorite authors. Oscar Wilde always makes me laugh. California is my favorite place in the world. I've traveled a lot and I always come back. I've never lived anywhere else.

How do you find ideas come to you most naturally? Is there a certain time of day, a place or activity that triggers creative thoughts.

I get very inspired when I'm driving. When I'm in the car alone with pretty music and the open road, my mind lets go.


Describe a turning point in your career.

When I quit my office job in LA and moved to Oakland at 25. I gave myself space to do nothing and enjoy life. I gardened and cooked and made sandals. I got to a place where I felt good about who I was without needing any external demarcations of success to define me.

What do you make for dinner with friends?

It depends on the season, but if it was now, mid-fall in California, I'd make risotto bianco with roasted delicata squash and a big salad and chocolate pavé with strawberries for desert.


What are some of the most valuable lessons you’ve learned?

I've learned that kindness is everything, being kind to others and kind to yourself. Gratitude is essential. Knowing that everything is in flux and can fall apart at any moment (and it will). Believing in abundance and trusting that I'll be OK.


We all struggle in finding ourselves and our way, how have you found yourself becoming the women you've always imagined? In what ways are you constantly improving?

When I was younger, my conception of self was very different from what it is now. I was much more limited. With age has come more freedom and better understanding of all the possibilities in life. I have less fear. I am constantly trying to operate with less ego and more kindness. With each day of existence life becomes more enjoyable.

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