Vis-a-vis is a collaboration between Jenn Park, creator of Sculpting in Time and Either And Studio. Together we re-contextualized archival imagery sourced by Jenn, and produced a modern editorial through the lens of photographer Jenna Saraco and art director Nicole Steriovski. 

Our images are based loosely from treasured editorials discovered by Jenn, in vintage Vogue Italia, Elle France and 90s and 00s campaigns from designers such as Chanel, Donna Karan, Prada (and more).

Vis-a-vis is an exploration of editorial by way of style archives. The timeless, classic appeal of this imagery is always a wonderful foundation for reinterpretation. Jenn Park specializes in design, consulting and research. Her sharp eye and attention to detail helped shape this project to welcome the holiday season and our newest collection for Shop Either And.

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