Local Creative: Clémence Polès


Recently everywhere we look we have been getting a glimpse into the previously private lives of those around us. With so many people connected via social and online outlets we are getting a look into the lives of those Passerbuys whom we once wondered about–their personal tastes, what they do on the weekend, what do their homes look like and most importantly where did they get those shoes?

Often we get so caught up in our day to day it’s a welcome relief to find a site that explores what else is happening around us and how other women approach the daily grind.  Clémence Polès gravitates to these detailed nuances in people. With a love of people watching, Clémence has created the ultimate site to learn about women doing inspiring things with an easygoing, street style approach. She shoots each women in their homes with no frills, to get a real and in-depth look into their lives. The site is shoppable and full of tips you wish you had known but didn’t know who to ask. Passerbuys is full of your new favorite friends who know where to get the perfect pair of denim jeans, best place for coffee in every neighborhood and what kind of movies and music you should put on queue.

Clémence was sweet enough to share her own personal rituals, creative process and her travels from growing up in Dubai to finding her way to Brooklyn to begin Passerbuys.


If a stranger stumbled across your Instagram or Tumblr account today, what would they be most interested to know about you?

I think they might just be confused because it's very different to Passerbuys' feed, I just post things that I find funny, and that usually involves less stylish imagery, and more pixelated zooms of things. 


What does beauty mean to you? What captivates your attention?

It's hard to define since it's pretty emotional for me, based on the moment... I don't believe that beauty is inherit so it really comes down to how I perceive and structure things I encounter, the same as a director's choices in a film. Floor tiles could be beautiful, so could the way a person holds a book.


Do you have a personal ritual to share?

I'm weird in that I always have to watch something while I'm eating breakfast, otherwise I get cranky. 


Background and upbringing can play such an important role in creative work, would you please share some of your most significant memories?

I grew up in Dubai in the 90's so I was pretty starved for "western culture" as it were. I did discover the band Tool at an early age and I think they inspired me to question norms and think differently. My most significant memories were about wanting to leave and explore the world. This all fed into my general curiosity about people, which inspired Passerbuys.


In what ways have you become the women you've always wanted to be, in what ways are you still improving?

I wouldn't say that's really a goal for me. Accepting that life is a process is probably your best bet. 


Periods of feeling uninspired can be difficult. What do you do to feel rejuvenated during periods of creative stagnancy?

I go to the movies. 


One long term and one short term goal.

Long term goal: Learn photography. I got a chance to dive straight in with Passerbuys, but there's still a ton to learn. Short term goal, reacquaint myself with my French side, i.e. relax more. Living in New York City makes it hard to think about anything other than making rent.


What’s your mantra?

Focus on the pasta, not the basta.


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