The Now

Massage + Spa


To be honest, since we left LA not a day has passed that we have not thought of our time at The Now Massage Boutique. The treatments take place in a private cabana style setting with heated tables, soothing sounds of ocean waves and an optional Jiva Apoha soul-healing oil or soothing cool eye mask for beauty sleep. Awaking from our deep state of relaxation, it’s needless to say we were feeling complete bliss with a little help from this wellness sanctuary.

The Tulum inspired spa is affordable without sacrificing luxury. The Now’s massages begin at a reasonable $35 which makes it easy to indulge in some self-care after putting in those long life hours. The endless holistic benefits of making a massage priority - better sleep, less anxiety and improved circulation make it hard to resist the call of the table. Mind-body maintenance is something we are growing increasingly aware of and as the brand mantra states,  ‘The next time should be now.’ You only have this moment once, so make it wonderful.’

Partners Erica Malbon and Gara Post share their own personal rituals and path to creating a beloved indulgence at an affordable price for everyone.


We love how The Now offers affordable luxury. It is so hard to find a place so calming and beautiful yet accessible. Can you share more on your path to creating this oasis?

When we decided to open The Now, a place for people to quickly and conveniently feel relaxed, we naturally thought about the times that we had felt the most calm and relaxed. Both of us grew up vacationing in Mexico and have really fond memories of our whole families being so calm and happy on those vacations. We really liked this idea of providing people with a quick vacation and drew on our memories of Acapulco and Tulum for inspiration. Everything, from the fabrics, scents and materials that we used to create the space are inspired by those vacation memories. We refer to this as our vacation state of mind.


What is one high brow / low brow essential you find important to everyday life? 

Gara: High brow would have to be accessories. We love a good bag or pair of sunglasses. They make it so easy to feel put together when you don’t have much time, which as a mom you never really do.  

Erica: For low brow, it would have to be a The Now massage of course. The best part is that it doesn’t feel low brow though! Massages start at $35 it won’t hurt your wallet. 


Getting outside of our day-to-day routine from time to time is something we’re finding imperative to quality of life. What is your favorite place to travel to (near or far) to take a moment and re-focus? 

Gara: I love to go to Punta Mita. It’s close to LA and my kids love it. 

Erica: Tulum is still my favorite. I’ve been going there for the last 10 years. Even though it’s changed a lot, I still love to go there. I’ll check my phone in the morning and at night, but other than that I try to really disconnect.  


Do you have a personal ritual that you can share? 

Gara: I’ve been meditating for a long time. I practice Transcendental Mediation and really rely on it to help me keep balanced. Since launching The Now, I set my alarm at 5:30 am since I know it will be the only time for me to get in a good 20-minute meditation. 

Erica: My husband and I like to go to work together and steal away for a cup of coffee at Republique. It doesn’t sound like it’s a big deal, but when you have two kids and each have your own business, it’s hard to find alone time.  


What are some of the influences and inspirations you drew from when creating The Now?

We definitely drew on our memories of our childhood vacations in Mexico. Gara would go to Acapulco to her family’s house and every Christmas holiday if Erica wasn't in the Philippines went to either Acapulco, Playa del Carmen or Cancun.


Can you share with us any mentors or people who have helped guide you through your journey? 

Both of our husbands have been incredible resources for us. They each have a lot of experience in starting companies, so they’ve been able to help us navigate all of the up and downs of being an entrepreneur. They know what it feels like to take the leap and do what you feel passionate about, even if it’s risky. They always remind us, risk is where the reward is. 


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