Weekenders: Spruceton Inn


The Spruceton Inn is a magical winter wonderland (we can’t even imagine the beauty that will bloom come spring). At the end of the longest, perfectly scenic, old winding road you will find the inn right in the middle of a sprawling field, surrounded by picturesque mountain tops covered in snow (unbelievable, right?). Once you arrive at the grounds you quickly spot your home for the night. A row of renovated sleepers behind the most charming farmhouse, where innkeeper Casey Scieszka and her resident outdoors expert husband Steven Weinberg reside. The Spruceton Inn has a long history in Catskills starting as a Dutch farm in the 1800’s to reincarnation as the Schwarzenegger’s Sunshine Valley House (yes, you are thinking the right Schwarzenegger’s). After we settled into our room, we made our way to Conan’s Corner (aka the bar room, which serves beer, wine, cider and hot toddies. Don’t forget to ask for snacks!). This is not your typical bed and breakfast, it’s actually a bed and bar which is totally perfect for unwinding and chatting with the most lovely innkeeper host, Casey. Her warmth and good energy fills the room. Knowledgeable and enthusiastic about upstate and her neighbors, Casey is the go-to for all you need to know on your weekend escape.  


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