Style: OAD New York


Doing more with less is a vision not far from our own. New York based, OAD’s minimalist attitude combined with some serious heart in function and a classic palette with unexpected pops of color has quickly raised our expectations of a handbag. Designer Syndey Suh-Lee has a deep appreciation and love of clean lines, geometric shapes and goods made for utility. These are qualities ideal for a handbag, a companion in your everyday. An object you expect to please aesthetically but also perform reliably on both good days and bad. With a love of shapes, clean lines and closet foundations ourselves our attraction to OAD handbags was undeniable.

For our editorial, a very Italian neighboring community inspired us to present the thoughtful attention to structure and versatile detail that lives within an OAD bag. Through subtle pops of Neopolitan-esque color (think end of summer ice cream cones) we paired some of our most loved exteriors to compliment the shape and shades of the handsome fall collection.

Muse and friend Emily graciously strutted around the streets around Graham Avenue in Williamsburg  to show us the way to carry a beautiful bag in vintage pieces hand picked and co-styled by Mirth Vintage.


Production / Art Direction Nicole Steriovski of Local Creative | Photography Jenna Saraco of Local Creative  | HMU Local Creative |  Model  Emily

Video: Direction / Editing Nicole Steriovski of Local Creative | Director of Photography Jenna Saraco of Local Creative |  Music / Drum and Lace