Nourish Kitchen + Table

West Village, New York City


If everyone ate meals like Marissa Lippert of Nourish Kitchen + Table prepares daily in her kitchen, the world would be a better place.

As a certified nutritionist, Marissa never fails to disappoint with every visit to her food counter.  You can expect classic salads like the detox Kale salad with watermelon radish, a most delicious almond butter and banana toast for breakfast and new menu options like the sweet potato noodles we were drooling over at our lunch. Don’t forget to add a signature juice like the morning green.

Nourish almost feels like an extension of our own home. We promise if you make time to visit this extraordinary establishment for lunch it will be a much welcomed relief from the confinements of your keyboard. You always feel like you are at the right place and you leave feeling satisfied, with a full stomach and most importantly nourished.

If you’re like us and have a sweet spot for local makers across the country then you will find yourself in great hands. Marissa has an incredibly curated selection of ceramics, publications, linens, home goods and accessories. Also on display is her lust worthy cookbook collection.  We are patiently awaiting the arrival of her own so we can recreate her magic in our kitchens.

During our recent lunch break at Nourish, we were so lucky to speak with Marissa and learn more about being a lady in the food business, starting your own company and how she curates the ultimate in food offerings for her guests.



95 Greenwich Ave, New York, NY


We love the concept behind a kitchen + table, how did you arrive at this for Nourish?

I wanted Nourish to feel warm, inviting and open – kind of like you were entering your own apartment kitchen or dining room.  It’s cozy, cool and (we’d like to hope) inspiring.


Your menu offerings are just next level delicious, how do you choose and curate such delectable choices day after day?

We structure the menu seasonally and get super excited about incredible produce and really cool, interesting and well-sourced/grown ingredients.  Dishes are inspired by what we see at the greenmarket or what our farmer partners have harvested on a given week.  We have certain staples that will always appear on the menu, but we’re always creating new specials and dishes based on things that inspire myself, our executive chef, Russell Yows, and the rest of the kitchen staff…whether it be travel, a riff on an old-school family dish, a twist on something traditional, a grain or spice we’ve just discovered etc.


Your background is as a nutritionist, how do you think this affects the way you run your kitchen and restaurant?

I think it’s enabled me to think about balance on a broader spectrum…what types of foods, dishes and combinations make our guests feel energized, taken care, satisfied – really, just ‘nourished.’  I really stress an emphasis on vegetables and fruits to my nutrition clients (and portion sizes) and this definitely plays out on Nourish Kitchen + Table’s menu.


Favorite summer salad?

My mom’s taboulleh which reminds me of childhood or a grilled peach and heirloom tomato salad with lots of herbs, blue cheese and garlicky whole wheat sourdough croutons.  You’ll find versions of both on our menu this summer (!).


It’s so perfect that you also do catered events. Will you share a bit about this aspect of your business?

We received our first catering request I believe about 3 days after we officially opened our doors back in July 2013.  Since then, it’s an arm of the business that continues to grow very steadily namely through word of mouth.  We love working with intriguing brands and companies as well as many of our regular customers.  Catering and private events allows us that much more creativity with our food in and outside our space.


Talk us through the Curated Cleanse, a meal delivery service. This sounds like something everyone should know about.  

The Curated Cleanse combines my background and expertise as a nutritionist with the quality and deliciousness of Nourish’s food.  Our cleanse clients have various goals—weight loss, better energy, healthier eating.  I work closely with each person to customize their daily meals and snacks/juices to meet their individual goals.  So it’s a good bit more exclusive and personalized than your average meal delivery service or juice cleanse.


It’s so wonderful to see local artists and makers featured in your dining spot and online store. What’s is the most gratifying thing about sharing local for you?

We really love finding artisans doing jaw-dropping, amazing things…whether it’s local around NYC and Brooklyn or somewhere we have some sort of connection to.  We’re just excited to highlight gorgeous product that has a unique aesthetic, authenticity and a cool story behind it.


As a female business owner, what’s your best advice for someone looking to break into the food industry?  

Listen to your gut, take care of yourself and keep pushing, or as my best friend’s mom says “keep your gloves up.”  I encounter bumps and challenges every single day. I also am frequently reminded of things, big and super small, that keep my fire burning…the reason why I started Nourish’s concept in the first place.  You get knocked down, you get back up – and you BREATHE.  That’s what makes business tough, but incredibly rewarding.


Best thing about having your shop in the West Village?  

Nourish has really become rooted in the neighborhood – and it’s very much a tight-knit one.  We love knowing many of our regulars, almost like they’re family.  It’s pretty special to know we (and our food) have a hand in making them feel their best every day.


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