Style: Kathleen Whitaker & Delfina Balda


Through practicing the beauty of restraint freedom can often be found within the developed parameters. This is an idea that jewelry designer Kathleen Whitaker keeps close to heart. Understanding simplicity and exploring it’s tidy space is a skill that takes time and patience to master. Kathleen Whitaker’s designs are rooted in clean lines, geometric shapes and a mastery of strict simplicity that she interprets through her strongly developed perspective.

Kathleen’s minimalist approach to jewelry was well suited to the clean, artful and wearable garments presented in the Delfina Balda FW 16’ collection. A shift in season was present as we explored fall tones in a restored brownstone flat. Florist, writer and model Lisa Przystup was a lovely muse for sharing our vision of 18th century paintings through a present day lens. Modern, refined silhouettes and compositions referencing simplicity were kept in mind as we moved through the seasonal set.


Visit Kathleen Whitaker’s website / insta   |    Visit Delfina Balda’s website / insta

Photography & Art Direction by Local Creative Studio | Hair by Juli Akaneya | Makeup by Liz Schroeder