Local Creative: Jenni Kayne


It's rare you meet a woman and so many of the words to describe her way of living, embody her work so effortlessly. West coast designer Jenni Kayne's timeless and classic personal and professional pursuits do just that. Her trained eye, and warm minimalist style lend themselves to both her namesake collection and her lifestyle blog Rip & Tan, affectionately named after her two children. Through entertaining, home, design and style, Jenni has shaped an all-encompassing lifestyle that speaks to the women of today. Her chic yet livable approach to modern California living is the inspiration behind her refined essentials for your home and closet.  

We were drawn to the Mid-century Modern architecture and design of the Jenni Kayne West Hollywood storefront while in Los Angeles. Visiting the store feels like stepping into a version of the designers simple and thoughtfully curated home. For us, it's the love of this modern luxury offered through the sunny lens of California living. Jenni has all her bases covered from wellness, home goods, stunning jewelry, signature shoes, coveted handbags to a dreamy wardrobe– take a visit to Rip & Tan to fill the inbetween.

Read on as Jenni shares with us how her full lifestyle brand evolved,  her favorite local spots in LA, and how she brings people together through entertaining.


What is one thing that you find essential to everyday?

I can’t do without daily quality time with my family. I love to end the day with a home cooked meal and bath time with the kids!


Where do you tend to draw inspiration from lately?

Travel and nature. I love being outside and find places like Tahoe and Topanga endlessly inspiring. 


Can you share more insight on your background and how your experiences have helped define who you are today?

Growing up in California, I have always been inspired by the distinct lifestyle, culture and landscape we enjoy. I definitely think the varied experiences I’ve had over the course of my life have shaped who I am, my interests, my aesthetic and how I approach business. 


You have such a beautiful way of bringing together friends and family - what’s your go-to when preparing family style gatherings?

I love entertaining and coming together with friends, and I do it often! No matter the occasion, I think great food and drinks are key. I also like being prepared. If you're relaxed, it keeps everything light and fun for your company; if the host is stressed it trickles down to your guests!


What local spots are currently at the top of your must eat at list in L.A.?

I love Gjelina, A.O.C., Tavern, Rustic Canyon, The Butcher’s Daughter and Kye’s. 


How did the Jenni Kayne lifestyle evolve? You merge style, design, food and home so effortlessly!

Both my collection and business have evolved as I've grown up. I started it at 19 with no kids—I was only interested in fashion then. Now I have two kids, I’m married, I’m in my early 30s. My interests these days also focus on cooking, entertaining and decorating, which is why I started my lifestyle blog Rip&Tan. I needed a creative outlet to support all these other passions. That being said, I think fashion, entertaining and decor are all equally important and build off each other.


Separating work life from personal life can be difficult. Have you set any guidelines for yourself?

I strive to find balance and leave work at the office, especially when I'm with my kids. That said, the times I’m not focused on them I spend working. I do make time for myself as well, so I don’t get burnt out and overwhelmed. One of the ways I do this is by riding horses every morning. It’s my time out in nature—I’m not at work, not with my children. I need it to stay grounded, centered and relaxed. 


Travel seems to have a strong influence in your aesthetic, what’s a dream vacation you would like to take?

I do find travel extremely inspiring! Los Poblanos Farm in New Mexico, Manka’s Lodge in Inverness, and The Ranch at Rock Creek in Montana are on my bucket list right now. 


Are there any specific films, artists, places, etc, that you feel have made a significant impact on your life and career?

There are far too many to name! 


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