Weekenders: Hasbrouck House


A short drive north of New York City you will be liberated of the concrete jungle and welcomed by the sweet arms of the great outdoors. The grind of the city is real and any opportunity to find peace outside of our daily routine is heaven sent.

A destination where history meets luxury is the Hasbrouck House, formerly known as the Inn at Stone Ridge. Centered around an 18th century Dutch Colonial stone mansion the estate features seventeen thoughtfully designed suites within the main house, nearby carriage and stable houses. This gorgeous getaway has recently been renovated as an inviting escape in the hamlet of Stone Ridge, NY.

Camping this is not. A trip to the Hasbrouck House is for those weekends you are treating yourself with some extra kindness and comfort. The property is designed to preserve the historic integrity of the vibrant and lush home while never missing a beat in providing the modern accommodations and amenities of a boutique hotel. This is truly a unique, luxury experience in our upstate travels so far. With grounds covering a landmark pool, private apple orchard, hiking trails, a fire pit, bar and restaurant Butterfield (not to be missed!) all within walking distance, you will be surrounded by the natural, beautiful setting of the Hudson Valley without much effort. If you are feeling adventurous we welcome you to explore the communities of Kingston, Woodstock and Catskills for more attractions in dining, arts and nature. Take a peek into the Hasbrouck House with us as we explored the grounds opening weekend.


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