Gather: Hartwood

Tulum, Mexico


If you’ve had any thoughts about visiting Tulum you may of heard of a little restaurant called Hartwood. Among the various reports we are happy to confirm Hartwood lives up to and exceeds all expectations.

The smoky and delicious scent of wood burning greeted us as we arrived at the open air 40 seat restaurant. We were lucky enough to nab a coveted seat inside Hartwood during our stay. Being in the moment was a foundation the restaurant was built on and it was felt in the air from our fellow patrons to the easy-going, friendly staff.

Chef and proprietor, Eric Werner, appears in a billowing haze of smoke in the outdoor open kitchen of your dreams. He is dedicated to his role as chef, fisherman and local business owner. He and his wife Mya Henry have built an culinary institution that has also helped revitalize a small town in Mexico.

Every detail of your meal is thoughtfully harvested in the Yucatán. The fish is freshly caught, juice made daily and meat is delivered by taxi from local butchers. The menu changes daily based on the sea and land offerings. We were recommended the grilled octopus and were mesmerized by how the seafood just melted in our mouths. Hearty vegetable sides such as the heart-shaped beets were expertly prepared and like no beet we’ve encountered before. Nestled between tropical overgrowth Hartwood is a magical travel destination that made us feel right at home on the uneven jungle road in the heart of Tulum.


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