Style: Sculpture & Pose

Elizabeth suzann + Merina Kim Ceramics + Arc Objects


Inspired by the understanding and compassion that comes with learning to love ourselves, we are absorbing all the the forms that beauty presents itself in a woman. Through the subtle nuances in shape, tone and figure of the human body as our muse and objects people learn to love comes a beautiful study between sculpture and pose.

A label born out of a dislike for excess, and desire for quality we are constantly mesmerized by the practicality, elegance, comfort and attention to detail that is poured into each garment at the studio of Nashville designer Elizabeth SuzannMirena Kim’s hand built modern ceramics were a natural addition to our vision. With a sincere commitment to her craft after leaving a career in graphic design. Who could argue with her theory that each of her piece’s should be useful even in a purely visual way. Arc is a collection of metal and ceramic jewelry and objects that bridges ideas of functionality and art. We love the complex nature of these pieces and the commitment to seasonal, heirloom work.

Objects sculpted by skilled hands are cherished long beyond their expiration date. Time and again we are drawn to creators who understand where ideas of classic, and honest composition meet artists who are true to themselves and their craft.


Models Alyssa Neilson and Danielle Alprin / Hair Juli Akaneya / Makeup Liz Schroeder / Stylist Danielle Alprin
Production, Photography, Art Direction Nicole Steriovski & Jenna Saraco of  Local Creative