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Thinking about beauty from the inside out is the compelling philosophy for beauty wellness spa and store CAP Beauty. Natural beauty products that make an impact are often heard of through word of mouth and with all the options out there it’s pretty tough to choose which is the best fit for your personal needs.

Everyone’s beauty routine is unique and CAP is here to help. Through their holistic approach to spa treatments you are not only receiving a facial with their brilliant wellness advisors but you are embarking on better lifestyle choices. After your treatment of pure bliss with your inspiring advisor, you are kindly reached out to with a care plan. This note called your At Home Protocol is the key in helping maintain your new skin. Find your custom AM, PM and weekly maintenance routine neatly organized a simple incoming message. This plan is complete with suggestions of natural products, how to use them and which supplements might be best to incorporate into your diet. Here you are not only receiving a facial here but tools to a more mindful path to your most radiant self.

Of course everything starts from the inside but CAP conveniently has the best natural products in stock at their store and online to assist in keeping that vibrant glow well into your next appointment. The staff is beyond helpful to say the least, if it’s your first time request either Crystal or Cara both are helpful, patient and excited to help guide you on your journey ahead.

At CAP there is a commitment to research and updating standards to bring us the most truly natural products available.  The healthful and life-enhancing products available on their shelves are some of the best curated for optimal wellness and beauty. This in addition to their thoughtful residency programs create a beautiful wellness space to be enjoyed by the community.

Founder’s Kerrilynn Pamer and Cindy DePrima were kind enough to share some of their insight for refined and inspired living.


When was the moment you realized beauty means wellness?

Kerrilynn: I think I've always known this inherently but when I found out I had celiac everything fell into place. I realized that the kind of beauty that I was interested in needed both beauty and wellness. For me, one can't exist without the other. Beauty needs wellness and wellness needs beauty.

Cindy: When I was a freshman in college my best friend convinced me to move to Aspen for the summer. We were in love with the great outdoors and if we weren’t working we were hiking, biking and soaking in nature.


Do you have a personal ritual to share?

Kerrilynn: My husband and I have herbs together at the beginning and end of our day. This practice has brought us much closer, we get to set the tone for the upcoming day and share all that happened at the end of our day while getting high on tea and herbs. The perfect bookends. 

Cindy: On the urging of a psychic, I’ve recently quit eating sugar. She intuited that I should be eating a more protein rich breakfast and so smoothies are back in my life. My current low sugar version is this:

homemade nut, seed or coconut milk, 1/4 avocado, a big handful of spinach, LivWell Vanilla protein, Bee Pollen, Moon Juice probiotic powder, Cordyceps, Astragalus, Ice cube


New York can become a bit of an energy drain at times, do you have a quiet place where you can  re-energize?

Kerrilynn: I love being home by myself during the day. To me that's the ultimate indulgence, getting to be in our space with the quiet and bright light fuels me in a way that nothing else does. Also, we're right next to Prospect Park so if I feel like a walk, I grab my Beba (my dog) and go.  

Cindy: The treatment rooms at CAP Beauty. An hour in there with one of our estheticians istruly transformative and rejuvenating on every level.


One wellness product you cannot live without.

Kerrilynn: My daily TM practice. And yoga.  

Cindy: The yoga mat.


When you are home alone what's your favorite thing to cook for yourself?

Kerrilynn: These days I'm all about soups. Typically I'll make my favorite Cauliflower Soup recipe (on The Thinking CAP), add a side of Sauerkraut and I'm happy.

Cindy: I love a dragon bowl with fermented veggies, avocados, cured black olives, forbidden black rice, steamed broccoli and tahini sauce. 


What are some of the most valuable lessons you’ve learned so far?

Kerrilynn: Put one foot in front of the other while keeping your eye on the horizon. Also, do something you love. That will keep you going even when you're exhausted. If your mission is driven by your belief that what you do affects positive change, you'll always want to get out of bed in the morning. Unless you're having a bed-in. Which is another good lesson, rest when you need to.

1. Go deep. Whatever you are doing, do it with conviction and commitment. Go deeper and farther than you think is safe.

2. If you are starting a new business, come to understand that money is energy and it will ebb and flow. You’ll have to spend it to grow and sometimes that feels reckless, but without letting it go, you simply can’t grow.

3. Whatever business you are starting you will be a copy writer. create a voice for the brand and be prepared to write and write and write. 



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