Camp Cove Swim


While browsing for swimwear to sport this summer we discovered a Sydney based collection called Camp Cove. We instantly connected with the line’s retro, exclusive in-house designed prints and undeniably alluring ‘cheeky cuts’ (If you got it flaunt it, amirite?!).

Designer and founder Kathryn Hampton, just gets summer.  The nostalgia of swimming at your neighbor’s pool, spending weekends as the best kind of beach bum and unforgettable summers at the lake.  Any way you choose to unwind Kathryn has a suit for you.  The cuts of her suits are exceptional and make you feel like a glowing water goddess.  You wouldn’t believe the flood of compliments that roll in anywhere we go in this babies.

The best part of Camp Cove is you can tell this babes kini’s are a labor of love, we want you to feel the love too.  On our beach adventure in Montauk we were lucky enough to shoot a few of our favorite pieces.  

Keep reading to learn how Kathryn found her way to swimsuit paradise and developed her laid back (and hot!) brand of beach style that keeps us coming back for more.


Studio Location

Redfern, Sydney, Australia


Take us through a day in the life of a swimwear designer.

Every day is so different but the one thing that stays the same is coffee. I’m really lucky to have a great little café called ‘The Shortlist’ literally a 1 minute walk from my workspace so I usually pop over there and say g’day and then get stuck with some emails. After emails we might have a chat with our machinist, check on any fabric orders or printing that we have underway, sort out any details of upcoming shoots. I always try and spend half an hour or so on pinterest, tumblr, instagram just to keep up to date and to get inspired.

Depending on whether we are working on a new range or not I could be working on print designs, pattern-making styles or dreaming up a concept for the next campaign shoot. I pack all the orders that are placed through our web-store so that’s usually an hour or two a day and then a trip to the post office to dispatch any international orders. I see the ladies that work there more than I see my own family! In summer the day might end with a cheeky trip to the beach. Sample testing you know!


Ultimate beach holiday

Camping somewhere on the east coast of Australia. Plenty of beer, walking distance to the beach, surfing, snorkeling, watermelon, mango, a big beach umbrella, swims first thing in the morning and last thing in the afternoon with all the people I love. That’s the dream!


The retro feel to your prints is the best! Do you work with an artist to create the designs?

Oh thank you! We actually design all our prints in-house. My partner Lucas is a really talented illustrator and with the help of my best mate Youtube I have been lucky enough to be able to teach myself how to put together the things I dream up in my head. I don’t really have any formal training in print design but I almost feel that is a blessing as I don’t have any limitations on what I think I can do. Print and colour is the second most important feature of swimsuit (after a killer fit). I can spend hours and hours looking at vintage swimsuits on etsy or ebay and the prints are just insane! You’ve also got to think that they didn’t have computers back then to whip everything up on so I have a lot of respect for print designers back in the day. Since prints have gone digital I feel they have lost a bit of soul.

Being an Australian brand I have run bit of an ‘Australiana’ theme to a few of our designs with one featuring hand illustrated Australian flowers and another Australian shells. I have a few artists in mind though that we would love to collaborate with eventually but for now I have too many ideas in my head!


Your collections are the cheekiest, love that the cuts show just enough bum at the beach. Which ladies have some of your favorite behinds?

I am a tragic Beyonce fan. Her bum is the bum I’d love to get my hands on the most. She has been a hard-working pioneer of the booty appreciation movement. A standout was the 2001 release of ‘Bootylicious’ with Destiny’s Child.  I am also a big fan of Jessie Andrews as a style icon and someone who is super confident in her own skin, so that booty is on the wishlist as well.

Celebrities aside I bow down to any lady that has the guts to don a cheeky swimsuit. Bums are so great and anyone that wants to show me theirs is a legend in my eyes!


3 words to describe the Camp Cove gal.

Confident, unique, nostalgic

How did you find your way to swimwear?

I grew up around the beach and we had a pool in our backyard. I used to swim competitively as well and my Mum would sew my up glittery swimsuits that would be the envy of all my friends. I would go through four or five swimsuits a year so over time I grew to have a pretty good understanding of the fabrics used, how to care for them and what was missing from the market. I went on to study fashion and garment production and I was putting together bikinis at every opportunity. After working in retail and in the buying department for an Australian accessories brand I began to realize that the bikinis I liked and made were something nobody else was doing. So I went for it and here we are!


Best piece of advice for cultivating envy worthy beach style.

Looking cool whilst being practical at the same time. You might have the best bikini in the world but if you can’t swim in it or it doesn’t fit right you won’t be confident when wearing it. Figure out what bits of your body you like and which ones you don’t and do your best to flaunt what you want to. The hottest girl on the beach is the one that oozes confidence and is comfortable and having a rad time. Everyone wonders what she knows that everyone else doesn’t!


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