Style: Black Crane


After a visit to Jana Blankenship’s contemporary New Paltz home, whose interiors are outfitted in a handsome Douglus Fir, you might agree that this is what you call a ‘forever home.’ With space, lines and form you wish you thought of yourself this architectural dream house has exposed beams you spend years planning. Details such as divine light pouring from the floor to ceiling windows and a sprawling countryside landscape leave you feeling nourished from the inside out and serve as constant reminders you are surrounded by nature.

A home where you decide to plant your roots deserves a wardrobe of equal love and purpose. Designer Momoko Suzuki and her husband Alexander Yamaguchi have constructed the response of ‘forever clothing’.  Their collection of silhouettes complements supple lines of the body and make comfort a priority, all while keeping in mind a minimalist approach to dressing. Deeply grounded in their Japanese roots, the pair are influenced by each other and their interest in culture, environmental art and architecture. They tend to coherently infuse simple, ancient ideals into a modern, accessible form of dressing that is a bit edgy and full of character. Breathable, timeless and eco-conscious Black Crane is a brand synonymous with easy, effortless dressing that gives you room to unwind throughout your day.


We shot a selection of SS16 Black Crane pieces that fell seamlessly in line with the environment of Jana’s residence to study the idea of an uncomplicated lifestyle where design and home meet.  The garments are made to be well lived-in, and worn with love similar to the way the New Paltz home serves for the young family.

Our friend Sabrina Tamar served as the ultimate muse in our study with extensive experience as a writer, gallerist and long-time supporter of Black Crane.

Special Thank you to another incredible group of women on this shoot. Hair  Juli Akaneya  /  Make-Up Rose Letho / Stylist Lauren Moetell & Danielle Alprin / Location courtsey of Jana Blankenship (yes of the natural skincare line Captain Blankenship) / Art Direction & Photography Local Creative

Video: Sound Design Brad Hurst / Director of Photography, Editing, Direction Local Creative