Local Creative: Anna Gray


There is something about Anna Gray’s touch that swiftly draws our attention to an emerging label. She’s worked with a range of talented designers such as B sides jeans, OAD handbag, Datura collection, Nikki Chasin, Basic Rights, and modeling skills aside, we admire Anna’s eye.

Basically we want to buy everything she puts on, which works out conveniently since she has decided to pen a brilliant newsletter Things I Would Buy If I Didn't Have To Pay Rent. As a writer, Anna is letting us into her internet rabbit hole to find out what she would buy if it wasn’t for those pricey New York City expenses. Formerly a contributor to another inspiring website Girls I Know and editor for HomePolish, Anna is using her insightful wit to entice us to see the internet from her perspective. Her new newsletter cleverly offers things you can indulge in (depending on your salary) between work.

Anna’s casual and relaxed approach to living is contagious and makes it always lovely to visit with her. We caught up with Anna at her East Village apartment where she shared with us that being nice is always the best policy and some of her current obsessions. Learn more about the effortless congeniality that is Anna Gray.


What's the first thought that comes to mind after waking up for the day?

Unsurprisingly, coffee. 


What most captivates your attention?

A good book, entertaining conversation, Wikipedia. 


If a stranger stumbled across your Instagram account today, what would they be most interested to know about you?

Imagined inner monologue of stranger finding my Instagram: “Who’s this Anna girl? She sure posts a lot of photos of herself. She’s cute. I guess she’s a model? She’s kind of funny sometimes. Oh I like this shirt she posted. Should I follow her? Nah.” 


As a writer is there a time of day when you create your best work?

I wish I could win a prize for procrastinating. I finish everything last minute and do my best work 30 minutes post-coffee. 


One long term and one short term goal.

Also, terrible at setting goals! Short term: Finish this interview. Long term: wear more sunblock, drink less beer, go to Iceland. 

Any exotic travels plans for end of summer if you didn't have to pay your rent? 

I’m heading to Cape Cod next week with my family (an annual tradition!) and Topanga at the end of the month for my best friend’s wedding (that’s going to be wild, I’m sure).


Who are some of your favorite media creators, photographers and artists?

Brie Welch, stylist. Nikki de Saint Phalle, artist. Swaim Hutson, creative director. Helen Frankenthaler, artist. Matthew Frost, director. Fred Sandback, artist. Rihanna...


A very low-brow essential? Something not essential and very refined in taste?

Low-brow: a good pen. High-brow: copy of Infinite Jest I’ve been trying to read for five years. Or a solid gold letter opener. 


What is the most valuable lessons you’ve learned so far?

Be nice to everyone!!!! 


What are some of your favorite neighborhood spots?

C&B Cafe, the deli on 6th and B, Thompkins Square Park at 930am when all of the preschoolers are on their way to the playground and they’re holding hands. 

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